100L UI Student Who’s Nude Photos/Videos Were Leaked, Caught With Stolen Phones, Charms Dripping With Blood In Her Room


Many weeks ago, a 100 level UI student (University of Ibadan), Damilola went viral after her nude pictures and masturbation video were leaked.

How It Really Happened

According to a source, the guy who leaked the nude pictures and masturbation video is a close friend to Damilola.

He paid Dami a visit, checked through her phone, and found the indecent images there. He then transferred it to his phone, and waited for when he can, apparently use it against her.

Trouble came for Dami when she then beefed the guy’s girlfriend, giving him the chance to release the pictures… You can search for it on google. You’d see them.

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Caught With Stolen Phones, Charms Dripping With Blood In Her Room

Now, Dami has again found herself in another controversy. This time she’s been accused of stealing, and having a charm with blood in her bag.

A source said, occupants of Awo Hall in the University were searching for some missing phone, when her room was searched. Then, the phones were found in her room, and they stumbled upon a charm dripping with blood in her bag.

The story is currently trending in the University, with many demanding for the student to be suspended.

They have since handed her over to the School’s security.

A source who pleaded anonymity said; “When I was coming back to the hall(Awo Hall), I was hearing shouts. I did not know what was going on. When i entered the hall, I heard that they’ve found the bag and two out of the three phones. They said that they also found charms in her bag, and the charms were dripping blood. They carried her to Porter’s LODGE.

Awoites came downstairs that they must deal with her. They now said that they would throw teargas and we said teargas keh, because of thief? They then said that anyone still outside will receive SDC letter, who wan receive letter? So we all went back to our rooms”

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