6 Things You Must Know Before You Start Dating Someone You Met Online


Many ladies are usually skeptical about online dating as many of the men there have turned out to be fake.

Online dating works for some people, as it can also ruin the lives of others following countless negative stories of men luring innocent ladies and girls under the disguise of giving love.

So before you decide to start dating someone you meet via an online dating platform, read these tips below, trust me they’ll help.

1. Dig Deep Into His/Her Profile

If you cannot find anything concrete about a person on their profile, you have to be very careful, although there are lots of fake profile’s online. To spot a fake person, you really need to check profiles because fake users don’t take time to fill in all the sections.

2. Ask Questions

During conversations if they distract you from your original questions to make you change the subject or they never really answer your questions or gives flimsy answers that do not correspond to your questions that is also a sign of knowing a fake person. When they always ask for your personal data beware because they might want to use it for fraudulent activities.

3. Ask For Pictures

When people are communicating online they will frequently send each other photos. During a conversation ask to see photos, Quickly do a google image search to see if the person took the photo from another persons social media page or it might even be a magazine photo. This is very important.

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