9 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of A Relationship. If You Notice Number 8, Call It Quits


3. You Change Who You Are Around That Person.
You should never feel the need to be another person just to accommodate someone. It’s exhausting first of all, and it is a telltale sign that the relationship is not consensual. There is some element of that individual that does not jive with the person you are.

Whether or not the person verbalizes their dissatisfaction with you or you innately know that you must change in order for them to accept you doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do not feel comfortable being yourself, which shouldn’t be acceptable to you under any circumstance.

4. You Don’t Feel Positive After Talking To Or Seeing Them.
A positive relationship should mostly be uplifting. Sure, there are going to be some rough patches along the way, but it’s mostly a constructive experience. You should be accepting of each other, supportive and responsive.

If you hit a point where the positive aspects of the relationship are sporadic, it may be time to move on. You may actually come to a point where you actually attempt to avoid the person, while hoping to maintain the relationship. This may sound crazy, but people do it all the time. “Maybe it’ll get better” they think to themselves. Perhaps, but then it’s not a normal, functioning, or healthy relationship.

5. They Don’t Actively Listen To You.
Attentiveness and awareness when you are speaking is the sign of a good relationship. A person that values your relationship will make your presence a priority, including when you’re trying to have a conversation.

Sure, some people don’t have the best attention spans; but that’s no excuse for constantly checking their phone, looking away, talking to other people, and generally displaying apathy when you speak. It’s certainly not acceptable for them to constantly redirect the conversation back onto themselves, completely disregarding your thoughts and feelings.

6. They Don’t Make The Relationship A Priority.
Busyness is a part of life (work, kids, marriage, finances, etc). The majority of our time is meticulously accounted for. However, people that value their relationships will not allow the fact that they are busy to undermine your relationship.

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