Mark Zuckerberg Intrested In Nollywood


Facebook billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg stepped into Nigeria this week and was excited to interact with Nigerians describing Nollywood, the second largest producers of movies in the world as a Nigerian national treasure.

“From everything I have heard, it really sounds like a national treasure. The ability to produce content tells the story of amazing innovation of culture that is going on here,” he says during interaction with developers and entrepreneurs.

The forum was part of his ongoing visit to Africa’s most populous nation which began Thursday with a surprise visit to innovation nerve centre, CC Hub located in Yaba area of Lagos.

He adds excitedly, “One of my plans while here is to visit Nollywood. It’s one of the biggest content producers in the world. On his experience eating pounded yam, he said “I requested cutlery because I can’t comprehend using my hands. I pulled out a piece of meat. My colleagues, Ime and Ebele looked at each other and asked, “what have we done?” I think the snail was delicious. One of the thing that makes me . I was told not to compare the jollof rice with that of neighbouring countries.

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